January Waiting Room Artist: Q.G. Pennyworth

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Q.G. Pennyworth is the nom d’emprunt of Anna Geoffroy, a Massachusetts native digital artist and troublemaker. Her digital collages draw from Discordian influences, often juxtaposing symbols of order and chaos, manufactured objects and the natural world.

“Depression affects my mood, but also my memory. My art is a gift to my future self, a way to preserve the thoughts and feelings that she may not be able to find. It can be hard in dark moments to believe a message of hope, or determination. By gift wrapping these little phrases, the flashes of color and mental shrapnel crashing together, I can make a life-raft for myself. And, if I’m incredibly lucky, what I make may help someone else, too.”


You can see more of her work and purchase pieces at:


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